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Accidentally paid bill twice Accidentally paid my bill twice, hoping I don’t get charged twice. Turn off auto pay Nothing yet The internet connection is very slow and keeps cutting off. Restarted/unplugged device
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Online gaming suffers multiple disconnects per day Reset router, reset box, tried wired and wireless with port forwarding, confirmed this is only Googl…
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How do I suspend my service? I will be out of town for a while and I want to suspend my service so I'm not billed for services I … TV service is out going on day 3 in Raleigh, NC. When will it be restored? Outage for 3 days!
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Remove connected devices on WiFi How do I disconnect devices that are active on my network box? Is there a program to cast from whatever is playing on my tv to my computer MacBook Air? Have an old slingbox solo that isn't working with my new MacBook Air
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My internet speed is slow, I have the 1000 plan and i get less than 100 upload and download speed... My wifi is slower than 100 and i have the 1000 plan...wtf
Saying Goodbye to Louisville Dear Fiber Forum users, Today, we’re saying goodbye to one of our Fiber cities — Louisville, Kentuck…
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Calls to our google phone number go straight to voicemail, but I can call out, so it's not the phone I can't get our phones to ring because calls wind up going straight to voicemail. I've checked the p… How do I create a guest wi-fi login at my home? I'm trying to create a new guest SSID on my home wi-fi but can't figure out how. I'd like to create …
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