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Computer diconnects and reconnects to wifi every 2 minutes My laptop repeatedly disconnects then reconnects to the router. It's only my laptop, and only for th…
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Why isn't there an "ala carte" TV Package option? There are only a few channels I actually watch on the standard TV lineup, most of them are local! Wh… 4k broadcast See 4k through google fiber on my 4k tv Tired of restarting my TV Box 2 fix problems. This's happened 2 consecutive days. I want a permanent fix and I can't believe I'm the only user having this problem, c yesterday's ticket. I'm tired of restarting my TV Box 2 fix problems. This's happened 2 consecutive days. I want a perma…
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Why after paying for the faster WiFi service does my WiFi still only allow a few devices to work? We paid to get the faster WiFi but it continues to only allow one or two devices on the WiFi and eve… Can you make the IP interface for the TV Box available to the Logitech Harmony remote? The Google Fiber TV Box can be controlled via IP using the Fiber App on a phone. But the IP interfac…
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Data usage measurement I need to know my data usage over a month and/or several months period to get an average, where do I… Is security included with fiber Is anti virus included with service My address was deemed "unserviceable". Can't find out why. My address was deemed "unserviceable". They laid fiber in my neighborhood and ran it up to a box on … โทสัพช้ามาก ปรับปรุงให้เครื่ปรับปรุงให้เครื่องเร็ว
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Why am I getting a $25 construction fee after being a long time subscriber? After reducing my internet plan to save money, now I'm being charged a construction fee of $25/month…
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