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 What is holding up the Google Fiber deployment in San Antonio Texas???
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I have the same  question....
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This is crazy I hate that I can only have one choice, what is happening??
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I want to know too, what’s going on with installation in SA? It’s been a few years since we heard about G-Fiber coming to SA. As a gaming family, with several types of consoles, plus our teenager has a gaming PC, we can’t get this fast enough. I know they’ve designed the network, and they’ve built out the main part of it. That’s what I understand anyway in terms of progress, although I think it’s really odd how there’s so little news or info a availble about the entire topic (of G-fiber, it’s being built in San Antonio, it’s overall progress, etc) I mean there’s just so little stuff you end up finding when you actually, ya know, Google it🤔

WhenI looked up how to get service installed, it just asked for our address. I guess it’s not offered in our area yet, odd it doesn’t say anything about an ETA they certainly should have some idea, and be able to tell potential customers something at least offer a range or guesstimate of when it’s likley they’ll be offering installation in their area, what kind of business doesn’t offer that? Who just leaves people up in the air with no idea when they’ll get a service that’s been promised? This just isn’t the way businesses operate these days, not in my experience.

Leaving your email for them to contact you? That’s just not good enough imo. Why isn’t there a map to show where fiber has been installed, at least to some degree? Doesn’t have to be a highly detailed map, not to street level or whatever, but at least give us some idea. I only happened to find the site where we register our email maybe, idk, a year ago possibly less. What if we missed our window? I think that’s unlikely given like so many others in SA we live in a gated community with a HOA. I’m hoping we would’ve been notified one way or another, but in this day and age, I don’t think it’s too much for Google to have some sort of map folks can view (even if there are some caveats involved) just to get a general sense where fiber has been installed and is offered currently, possibly where it’s going to be offered next, those sorts of things.
That doesn’t mean what’s shown on the map is a promise, but it would be beneficial for many (like our family) to have some sense of what’s happening, any sort of news or info, and there just isn’t any. For a project of such importance, the absolute lack of information available to the consumer still desiring fiber service is rather appalling. I’m shocked at how this has been handled. Any sort of ETA, even if it’s a 6 month window (or more, hope not, but given the lack of data available who knows really?) just give us an idea when it’ll come to our neighborhood! I haven’t tried the chat service, but I doubt the person I’d chat with has access to that level of info. I really wonder, if anyone does?😞 

Google received all sorts of tax breaks and such (I think) so a little transparency about timeline for their future customers as well as improved accessibility and usability of the site (basically so people can find the information that’s helpful, again a map please) would be much appreciated. I get it’s a business but still, this is extremely user-unfriendly. Basically “don’t call us, we’ll call you” attitude. Times have changed, that’s not how it’s done. In many cities, people often have a choice in services too, they’d do well to remember that. We just want to finally get decent internet speeds, and I have no idea if we missed the notification, there’s not even a method offered to find out (which seems a no-brainer). I don’t see why plans about where and when they’ll be installing fiber, in a city where they’ve already designed the network and laid the main groundwork for it, needs to be restricted like it’s a state secret🤔 Makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s a pain for those still waiting for the service.
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I've been wondering as well what is happening there hasn't been any news of expanding in well over a year. I'll be happy to become a customer with them if they expand and not just be limiting to 2 or 3 areas in SA.
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