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Dear Fiber Forum users,

Today, we’re saying goodbye to one of our Fiber cities — Louisville, Kentucky 😢.  Please head to the Google Fiber blog for more information: https://fiber.googleblog.com/2019/02/louisville_7.html

As we told our customers today, we will be turning off the network on April 15 and their next two months of service are on us.

We’ll work with our customers and partners to minimize disruption, and we’re committed to doing right by the community.

Rest assured this announcement only affects Louisville and doesn't impact operations in our other Fiber cities, where we are connecting new customers every day.

The lessons we’ve learned in Louisville have already made us better in our other Google Fiber cities. We’ve refined our micro trenching methods and are seeing good outcomes elsewhere.

We are deeply grateful to the City of Louisville and its residents for their partnership over the past two years.
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Please do not leave us.  We have been so happy with the service.  Indeed the trenches made to hold the lines were a mess and poorly done.  Please do not leave us with the mess in the roads AND take away a service we love.  Please reconsider.  This is a major disappointment Google
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Don't Go I love my service and I HATE SPECTRUM AND AT&T! I even have proof with a ton of neighbors about AT&T sending people out and purposely digging up your fiber wires on exposed roads to purposefully cause service disruptions as I had a run in with them doing work around my home trying to promote their AT&T fiber as an alternate to Google fiber!
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EVERY DAY 2 months after my area was Fiber ready AT&T or Specturm would have a crew running cables in the same place the G-fiber was located and they would cut through my line all the time. THE ONLY SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS I HAVE EVER GOTTEN WAS FROM THE CREW WITH AT&T DIGGING UP MY FIBER WIRES! I AM NOT THE ONLY CUSTOMER WHO HAS DEALT WITH THIS EITHER! The fiber installers who installed in my neighborhood were not only Friendly Great at their job but also helpful when my service was down NO FAULT ON GOOGLE FIBER AS IT WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING AT&T DID THAT CAUSED MY SERVICE TO GO OUT, I strongly feel someone in Kentucky's government has their pockets lined with AT&T money and that they purposely dug up the Google fiber cables as a way to get the city to force Google Fiber out  of kentucky because they lost the lawsuit against the city when they tried to sue the first time so they can keep their monopoly service lock on Kentucky! I was even told by a guy in the FBI that Kentucky is one of the most corrupt states in America
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I am not the only customer and I can even get a petition with other fiber users in Louisville that feel the same as THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN LOUISVILLE WANTS GOOGLE FIBER AND HATES SPECTRUM AND AT&T! YOU ARE VICTIMS OF A AT&T HATCHET JOB TO BE FORCED OUT OF LOUSIVILLE!
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and if the trenches is what the city is hammering you about I will grab my phone drive downtown and record how messed up the roads are in the west end part of Louisville! For almost 3 years the area down their especially around the 39th and Broadway area has been a mess long before Google fiber even came! Torn up roads pot holes the works! and trust me I KNOW A TON OF PEOPLE DOWNTOWN WHO WAS READY TO GET GOOGLE FIBER! I am not alone when I say I LOVE this service! Google Fiber was one of the ONLY THINGS that gave some hope to the people here in Louisville Kentucky!
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I just want to thank you all for the service you have provided to us. Not only was the internet speed more than my family needed, but the customer service was top notch in all avenues of communication. The fair price and readiness to help whenever needed was provided to us from day one. There are few companies who can give the customer service you all have and I am upset we have to say goodbye. If there is ever an opportunity to have google fiber again I won’t hesitate to sign up for the service. Thanks again for allowing us to have this great experience.
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I have deeply enjoyed the service provided by Google Fiber and have found reliability far exceeding my prior service provider. I wish there was a business case to be made for retaining this service in Louisville. I don't look forward to returning to a "legacy provider". Please Google don't go!
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How do I find universal codes for Xbox One S to connect to URC 88 20 Cisco universal remote
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Wrong forum Arthur, try Microsoft
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I am artical..my phone num 03017270363
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