Google Fiber software release information

Google Fiber starts with fiber optic cables and networking equipment, but there's much more. Google Fiber includes software to manage your network, provide your Fiber TV service, and connect you to TV via mobile apps.

We frequently release new software to improve your Fiber experience. Not every software release includes features you can see. Most software work takes place behind the scenes, improving and enhancing infrastructure, and building a foundation for future experiences. This section lists current version numbers and visible new features in Google Fiber software.

Google Fiber TV

May 2015

Recent changes

  • Added Hallmark Channel and Universal Sports Network to our TV Everywhere channels.

  • Support for up to 6 TV Boxes

Latest version: 42.x

You can find your TV software version number on the system info screen.


May 2015

Latest version: gfiberapp-43.9

To see which version you have, on your Android device, go to Settings > Apps and touch Google Fiber.


May 2015

Recent changes

Latest version: 6.0.0

To see which version you have, go to the app's listing in the Apple App Store and look for Version.

My Fiber

May 2015

Recent changes

  • Redesigned navigation tabs on My Fiber to improve appearance.

  • Added Spanish version of My Fiber pages.