Your first bill explained

Why your first bill may be higher than expected

Some bills have a prorated first month

For most customers, your first bill will be higher than your following monthly bills. If you signed up for GFiber after the start of the current month's billing cycle, your first bill will include those remaining days of the month (prorated period) plus your full month of service.

Prorated billing example

You’ve decided to sign up for 1 Gig at a price of $70/mo + taxes and fees. Your installation date is June 11. Here is an example of what your first month’s bill would look like:

billing example

What is the prorated charge? 

The prorated charge is a one-time charge for the days you’ve had your GFiber internet service in the current month. The prorated period begins the day after you’ve had your service installed and ends on the last day of that month. The prorated charge is included in your first bill along with the charge for the next month's service.

Prorated billing timeline

The timeline below shows the prorated period for June and the billing cycle for July–both of which will be included in your first bill. Click on the image below to see an expanded view.

Fiber billing timeline

(Click for an expanded view)


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