Your first bill explained

Why your first bill may be higher than expected

Your first Fiber bill will more than likely be higher than your following monthly bills. If your installation date does not take place on the last day of the month, your first bill will include the charges for the upcoming month as well as a prorated charge for the current month.

For this reason, your first bill will be higher than your subsequent monthly bills.  

What is the prorated charge? 

The prorated charge is a one-time charge for the period you’ve used your Fiber service in the current month. The prorated period begins the day after you’ve been installed and ends on the last day of that month. The prorated charge is included in your first bill along with the charge for the next month's service. You’ll receive your first bill at the beginning of the month after your installation.

Prorated billing example

You’ve decided to sign up for 1 Gig at a price of $70/mo + taxes and fees. Your installation date is May 12. Here is an example of what your first month’s bill would look like:

Service Date Charge
Installation May 12 $0
Service for prorated period May 13 - 31 (19 days) $44.33
Service for first full month June 1 - 30  $70
Payment method charged June 13* $114.33 + taxes and fees

*If you reside in California, your bill would be due on the 18th of each month. 

Prorated billing timeline

The timeline below shows the prorated period for May and the billing cycle for June–both of which will be included in your first bill. Click on the image below to see an expanded view.

First month proration billing timeline for Google Fiber.

Additional charges: Your bill will also include applicable taxes and fees, as well as any add-on charges, like video on demand or additional TV packages, if requested during this prorated period. 

All subsequent bills: The prorated amount will only appear on your first bill. All subsequent bills will follow the normal billing cycle.

You’ve learned about proration and what to expect on your first bill. Now, click on the link below to find out more about Fiber’s normal billing cycle for all subsequent bills. 


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