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Add users and set permissions on your Google billing account

You can add users to your payments profile and assign permission levels to determine their level of access in your Google payments account, for example, viewing, editing, or paying bills. You can also specify the type of email, if any, you want them to receive.

Your payments profile, including any users you add to your account, refers to all Google products and services you may have, and is not specific to your Google Fiber account.

Permission levels

  • Admin. Sign in, view, and make changes to everything in your payments profile, including managing users and signing up for new products.
  • Full-access. Sign in and make changes to your payments profile, including signing up for new products.
  • Read-only. Sign in and view everything, but cannot make changes to your profile.
  • Email-only. Cannot sign into your payments profile or see any account activity, but receives all account-related email.

Email notifications

  • All payments. Email address receives administrative information, invoices, monthly statements, and other transactional messages.
  • Administrative only. Email address receives account management messages about tax forms, customer suspensions, Terms of Service updates, and account closure.
  • Email for payments account. Email address receives all email affecting the payments account including profile management email, receipts, invoices, monthly statements, and other transactional messages.

Primary contact

Each payments profile has one primary contact (which is typically the account owner) that Google will contact with questions about billing, email, or any other Google services in your payments profile. You can reassign the primary contact role to another user you share your account with, for example, if you'll be away for an extended period without access to your profile, you might want to temporarily assign another user as the primary contact. This selection is optional.

To add a user to your payments profile:

  1. Sign in to your Fiber account. Your Account page appears.

  2. Click Manage Bill; then click Manage Settings to display your Payments profile.

  3. In the Payments Users section, click Manage Payments Users, and then click Add a New User.

  4. Enter the user's information (name and email are required fields).

  5. Next, click the arrow to the right of Permissions and select the permission level you want to assign the user.

  6. Under Email Preferences, select the email option you want to assign the user.

  7. Finally, click Invite. The user will receive an email inviting them to join your payments profile.

    When you invite someone to to share your payments profile, let them know they'll receive an invitation at their email address. Invitations not accepted within 14 days expire.

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