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About the Info bar

The Info bar appears as an overlay at the bottom of your television screen:

To display the Info bar:

Press  on the remote control when watching live TV, a recording, or On Demand video:

The Info bar disappears after a few seconds.

You can customize the amount of time the Info bar stays on the screen.

On the Info bar, you'll see:

  • A brief description of the show, including the original airing or release date, channel number, network, and parental rating.

  • Options, such as access to the More Info page and recording options

  • A progress bar, which shows your place in the live airing, recording, or On Demand video. (The progress bar also appears separately from the Info bar when you change channels.)

  • Settings, such as closed captions and the video image aspect ratio. To access settings, press press  on the remote. 

Options on the Info bar
Use this option... To...
More Info Open the More Info page for the show.
Show CC Turn closed captions on or off
Restart Play it from the start, if it has been recorded or is available On Demand
Record Record the selected show. Or, on the More Info page for a TV series, record the series.
Mark Watched/Mark Unwatched Select to indicate whether or not you've watched a show. Learn more about marking shows watched/unwatched.
Delete Delete a recorded show.
Keep Forever/
Delete When Full
Select to indicate whether or not the DVR will automatically delete the recording when it is full. (You can always delete a recording yourself, regardless of this setting.)
Watch Live If you've paused a live airing of the show, select this option to resume watching the live broadcast. 


To view the following settings, press  on the remote:

Use this option... To...
Closed Captions Turn closed captions on or off and select the captioning channel.
Language Set audio options delivered through the Secondary Audio Program (SAP), such as the spoken language or audio description, if it's available for the show you're watching.
Aspect Ratio Set the aspect ratio (how the video image fits your screen) for the show you're watching.
Parental Controls Access parental control settings on the main Settings page.
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