Invite someone to use your Fiber TV from the app

If you want to let household members use the Fiber TV app with your TV, you can give them access through their own email address. That way, they don't need to use your email account to sign in, or share your password. When you no longer want them to have access, you can remove their access.

What can others do with my Fiber TV?

When you grant access, others can:

  • Watch streamable channels on their mobile device while on the home network (parental control settings apply)
  • Use their device as a remote control while on the home network
  • Manage the DVR
  • Rent movies from On Demand (parental control settings apply)
  • View the guide
  • Create custom guides

Other users should install the Fiber TV app on their own mobile devices.

To invite someone to use your Fiber TV:

  1. Open the Fiber TV app.
  2. Touch menu , then TV Access  .
  3. Touch the Enter email address box and type the email address of the person you want to invite.

    Invite someone to use your Google Fiber TV from the Fiber TV app.

The person you invite will receive an email from Google Fiber with more information.

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