Upgrade to the new Fiber TV

This article is only for customers whose Fiber TV was installed before August 30, 2016. If your Fiber TV was installed on or after that date, you already have the new Fiber TV.

The new Fiber TV is here! 

We've made a lot of improvements to Fiber TV, and now's your chance to try it out. Along with a redesigned interface that makes it easier to find, record, and watch your favorite entertainment, we've added some new features that we think you'll love, including personalized recommendations for what to watch and faster, smarter search. Upgrading is quick and easy, so there's no reason to wait!

Frequently asked questions about upgrading to the new Fiber TV

Can I switch back to the previous version of Fiber TV?

Sure, no problem. If you try out the new Fiber TV and decide you want to stay with the legacy Fiber TV for now, it's easy to switch back

What happens to my Fiber TV settings and data if I upgrade?

No need to worry! If you upgrade to the new Fiber TV, all of your settings and data are kept, such as:

  • Completed and scheduled recordings
  • On Demand rentals
  • Parental controls
  • Custom program guides
  • Audio, video, and other settings

Are there any changes to the channels I'll get after I upgrade?

No, your Fiber TV package won't change, and you'll still get all the same channels.

Is the Fiber TV mobile app also changing?

No, there are no changes to the mobile app at this time.

Will I be charged for the upgrade?

No, the upgrade is completely free of charge!

How to upgrade to the new Fiber TV

  1. Press on the remote control, select Apps & More, and press ok.

  2. Select Try the New Fiber TV and press ok.

  3. In the confirmation message that appears, select OK and press ok.

    Fiber TV takes less than a minute to upgrade. Your TV Box will reboot automatically during the upgrade process.

  4. If the new Fiber TV image doesn't fit properly on your television screen, adjust it using the User Interface Position & Size utility.

Troubleshooting the upgrade

Fiber TV freezes during upgrade.

Unplug the TV Box and then plug it back in. Try the upgrade again. If Fiber TV continues to freeze during the upgrade, contact Fiber customer support.

I don't see the Try the New Fiber TV icon.

First , check to see if you already have the new Fiber TV. If you don't, please contact Fiber customer support.

After you upgrade:

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