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About our battery backup units

The battery backup solution offered by Google Fiber supplies up to 8 hours of backup power to your Fiber Jack, Network Box, and Phone Box. If you signed up for or upgraded to Google Fiber Phone as part of your plan, you may have purchased this optional package from us.

The battery backup package includes two devices:

  • APC Power Saving Back-UPS® Pro 1500 (BR1500G). The primary UPS your Google Fiber devices plug into. This device automatically senses an outage and starts distributing power to your devices, regulating voltage, and guarding against power surges and spikes to keep your equipment safe.

    Dimensions: 11.85" H, 4.41" W, 15.04" D. Weight: 26.62 lbs.

  • APC Back-UPS Pro External Battery Pack (BR24BPG). The external battery pack that plugs into the rear panel of the Back-UPS Pro 1500 to extend backup power up to 8 hours. The external battery pack is dependent on the primary Back-UPS Pro 1500 unit and does not function on its own.

    Dimensions: 11.9" H, 4.4" W, 15" D. Weight: 29.5 lbs.

Troubleshooting and exchanging a defective unit

If either or both of your backup units are not working properly, please contact Google Fiber customer support and we'll help to troubleshoot the defective unit or units. You can also call the manufacturer directly. APC Customer Support is available at 1-800-890-4272, Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm EST. After you're connected, press 4 for technical support, and then press 2 for backups and surge protectors.

If a unit is determined to be defective within two years of purchase, you can exchange the defective device for a new device at your local Fiber Space at no charge. You can drop into a Fiber Space at any time; you don't need an appointment. Please contact Google Fiber customer support for information about exchanging a defective UPS or battery pack.

Return a backup unit

  • Before your phone is installed. You can return the UPS/battery backup devices before Google Fiber Phone service is installed by cancelling your existing Google Fiber Phone order and then resubmitting your phone order without the backup option. Please contact Google Fiber customer support for help canceling your order.
  • After your phone is configured. If your Google Fiber Phone number is already configured and installed, you can return the UPS/battery backup unit to your local Fiber Space.
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