Battery backup solution

Google Fiber offers an optional battery backup solution to power your Fiber service for up to 8 hours. You can purchase the unit from Google Fiber if Fiber Phone is available in your area and you:

  • Sign up for Google Fiber and your service plan includes Fiber Phone
  • Add Fiber Phone to your existing Fiber service plan

If you purchase the battery backup solution from Google Fiber, our Installation Specialist will bring it to your Fiber appointment and install it for you free of charge. The one-time cost of the backup unit will appear on your next monthly Fiber bill.

The battery backup solution offered by Google Fiber to eligible customers includes two units connected to each other via a cable at the back of the devices.

  • APC Back-UPS®Pro BR1500G. Provides backup, surge protection, and automatic voltage regulation.
  • APC Back-UPS Pro External Battery Pack BR24BPG. Plugs into the back of the BR1500G to extend backup power up to 8 hours, and recharges automatically.
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