Schedule a sports team recording

You can schedule a team recording to automatically record all televised games a specific sports team plays.

To schedule a team recording:

  1. Press  on the remote control to view the  the on-screen guide.

  2. Select a game that the team is playing now or in the future and press on the remote.

    The game's More Info page appears.

    You can also search for a team to quickly find one of the team's games.
  3. Optionally, to see which games will be recorded over the next two weeks, select the Upcoming Airings tab and press ok. Then go back to the Overview tab.

    If you see duplicate games in the list, don't worry. Fiber TV will record a game only once.

  4. Select Record and press ok.

  5.  Select the team for which you want to schedule a team recording and press ok.

    If the team is playing in a specific series of games, such as "NFL Preseason Football," you'll see another option to record all the games in that series, whether or not the team is playing in all of those games.
  6. Select an option to add additional time to the recording, in case the airing runs longer than scheduled; otherwise, select None. Press ok to schedule the team recording.

  7. To change recording options, select Record Options on the game's More Info page and press ok. For example, you can record only new games (episodes), start the recordings before the show starts, and more.

    Don't turn off the storage device: Your Fiber TV DVR records and saves shows on this device. However, you can turn off your TV Box when you're not watching TV.
Another way to schedule a team recording: You can also automatically record all of a team's games by creating a keyword recording. If you enter the team's name as the keywords, your Fiber TV DVR will record any games or other shows that contain the name in its title. Be aware, however, that you might record some shows that aren't actually games.
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