Forwarding calls

You can forward calls from or to your Fiber Phone number.

To forward your Fiber Phone number to another number:

  1. Sign in to your Fiber account using the name and password you use for your Fiber account; then select Phone from the navigation menu. (Selections are displayed without a navigation menu if your browser window is enlarged.)

  2. Select Calls & Call Forwarding; then click Add a Phone. Type the forwarding number in the call forward box and click Save.

To forward your home number to a temporary Fiber Phone number:

If we're unable to transfer your number during your installation, our installer will assign you a temporary number on your Fiber Phone account. The installer will forward your number to the temporary number, and then complete the installation.

If we assign a temporary number before installation, and you want to set up call forwarding from your existing number, both your existing phone number and your Fiber Phone number must be active. Instructions for initiating call forwarding differ based on the service provider; please contact your service provider for specific steps.

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