Hide your caller ID

When you place calls using your Google Fiber Phone number, your phone number may be displayed to the person you’re calling. If you prefer that your number not be displayed, you can hide your caller ID. Your number will still be displayed to certain numbers, including 911, toll-free numbers, and some businesses.

To hide the display of your number from your Google Fiber Phone landline phone:

Dial *67; then dial the desired number. Your call will generally display No Caller ID or Private number to the people you call.

To hide the display of your number from Google Voice:

  1. Sign in to your GFiber account and select Phone from the navigation menu. You will be taken to Google Voice.
    The GFiber customer portal, with the "Phone" section in the left nav bar circled in red
  2. Click Settings at the top right.
  3. On the left, click Calls.
  4. Turn on Anonymous caller ID.
    The Google Voice Settings page. On the left, the "Calls" section is selected. On the right, the "Anonymous caller ID" toggle is toggled ON and circled in red.


If you don't hide your caller ID for all calls from within Google Voice, you can hide it for individual calls:
  1. On the left, click Calls.
  2. In the entry field, enter *67 followed by the area code and phone number you want to call – for example, *67 650-555-1212.
    The dialer in Google Voice. The user is calling from the number (650) 555-1234, and they have entered *67 650-555-1212 as the number to be called.
  3. Click Call.

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