Connect a fax machine

As a general rule, your fax machine will work with Google Fiber Phone as long as it is physically connected to your Phone Box, either directly or through your home or office phone wiring. You can typically send or receive a fax of 20-30 pages; however, you may experience occasional issues with faxes over 30 pages.

Some fax machines do not work with VoIP service. If you're unable to connect your fax machine successfully, please contact the manufacturer for additional information and troubleshooting tips.

To connect your fax machine, do one of the following:

  • If Google Fiber Phone was installed using your home or office wiring, plug the fax into any available wall jack using a standard RJ11 phone cord.

  • If your Phone Box and fax machine need to share a port on a wall jack, you can use a standard RJ11 splitter to make the phone line available to both devices.

  • To connect your fax directly to your Phone Box, plug your fax machine into the port labeled Phone on the back of your Google Fiber Phone Box.

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