Voicemail basics and options

Fiber Phone provides a number of options for accessing your voicemail. You can listen to voicemail on your Fiber Phone home or mobile phone and have transcriptions of voicemail delivered to your email address or Hangouts. You can also use your own answering machine instead of Fiber Phone's voicemail, if you prefer.

Set up your voicemail

From your primary Fiber Phone, dial *99; then follow the prompts to set up voicemail.

Because Fiber Phone lets you add users to your account, you can have up to three users total, each with their own phone number and voicemail. For the second and third users/lines, use the call-out code followed by *99 to set up voicemail.

  • Second user. **2, and then dial *99
  • Third user. **3, and then dial *99

Want your answering machine to pick up calls?
By default, Fiber Phone voicemail answers calls after 25 seconds. If you prefer to have your answering machine pick up calls, set your machine to answer within 25 seconds. Two, three, or four rings are typically 10, 16, and 20 seconds, respectively.

Check voicemail on your phone

From your primary Fiber Phone number, dial *99 and then follow the prompts to listen to your voicemail.

Get voicemail transcriptions in email or Hangouts

You can get transcriptions of your voicemail delivered to your email address or Hangouts. Messages delivered via email include an audio file of the original voicemail.

  1. Sign into your FIber account and select Phone from the navigation menu. 
  2. Under Voicemail, make sure that Email voicemail notifications is selected.

Turn off Fiber Phone voicemail

Unfortunately, there's currently no way to disable Fiber Phone voicemail.  However, you can always set up an answering machine to pick up your calls instead.

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