Google Fiber Trusted Tester Program

The Google Fiber Trusted Tester Program allows select Fiber customers to occasionally trial products and features before they’re released to the public.

When we have new tests available, we proactively reach out to qualifying users and invite them to join the program and participate specific tests.

Please be aware that the Trusted Tester Program gives customers early access to confidential features that are not yet available to the public. If you're invited to join the program, you’ll be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate.

Leaving the Trusted Tester Program

If you've been invited to a Trusted Tester group in the past, you can choose to leave the program at any time. To do so, visit and click Opt Out of Program under your profile icon in the top right corner.

Please note that after you have been removed from the program, we can't guarantee you'll be admitted again if you decide to apply later.

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