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Google Fiber Trusted Tester Program

Are you interested in testing Google Fiber products and features before they’re released to the public? If so, we’d like to invite you to join the Google Fiber Trusted Tester Program.

To help make sure Google Fiber is always getting better, we often share new features, products, and devices with a select group of customers. The Fiber trusted testers get the opportunity to be the first to check out all the latest Fiber goodness and let us know what they think and what they’d change. That might mean getting access to our latest hardware, newest features, or future innovations. We use their feedback to make our products even better for you and the rest of our Fiber customers.

Please be aware that the Trusted Tester Program gives customers early access to confidential features that are not yet available to the public. During the program sign-up process, you’ll be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to participate.

Who can join the Google Fiber Trusted Tester Program?
If you're a Google Fiber customer, you can apply to become a member of the Trusted Tester Program. Because Trusted Testers see features and products that aren’t public yet, you’ll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality agreement, and complete a preliminary survey. We review all applications and invite qualifying users to participate in the program.
How do I join the Fiber Trusted Tester Program?

To get started, go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

We’ll ask you to provide some information so that we can match you with the right program. Your membership in the Trusted Tester Program doesn't guarantee you'll be selected to test a particular feature or product. If you're accepted, please allow up to 5 business days for your membership to be activated.

What is a Trusted Tester Group?
A Trusted Tester Group is a set of customers who are all testing the same product. You’ll see announcements and discussions specific to each group you belong to. 
How is the Trusted Tester community different than the Fiber Forum?
The Trusted Tester community is a much smaller private group of customers who have been selected to help us test products and features not yet released to the public. Please continue using the Fiber Forum as you normally would to connect with other Fiber customers, ask questions, and provide help for your Fiber features and products that are not part of a Trusted Tester Group.
How do I join a Trusted Tester Group?
First, you’ll receive an email inviting you to sign up for the group. Once you’ve filled that out, we’ll provide you with the hardware or software for the new product or feature that you’ll be testing. Once that’s complete, you’ll be granted access to the specific group within the Trusted Tester community.
When will I be invited to join a Trusted Tester Group and how do you determine who receives an invitation?

We can’t guarantee that every Trusted Tester community participant will be invited to test a particular feature or product. Spots are limited and we strive to match each Trusted Tester to a feature or product that they’re most compatible with. This means it may take a while before you’re invited to a group.

Factors we use to determine compatibility include your Fiber system configuration, your responses to the initial Trusted Tester community survey and the level of contribution in previous groups.

Once you receive an invitation to a group we advise you to sign up quickly, as we admit customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

What’s the difference between a Trusted Tester Group and the Trusted Tester Program?
Trusted Tester groups are set up for each feature or product that you may be asked to test. Within the community you’ll see content specific to each group in which you’ve participated. The Trusted Tester Program is the overarching network that encompasses all groups.
What’s the difference between the community’s announcement sections and the discussion sections?
The announcement sections are areas of the community where the Fiber team can post news and updates to our Trusted Tester Program. The discussion sections are where trusted testers can create posts and engage in interactive discussions with other program members and the Fiber team.
I already signed up for the Fiber Trusted Tester Program. What should I do?

If you signed up before November 16, 2015, we kindly ask that you sign up again through our new Trusted Tester community. This will enable you to reach the Trusted Tester Program from your account.

How do I leave the Trusted Tester Program?
We understand that testing is not for everyone, so we made it easy to leave the program - no hard feelings. To leave the program, go to and click Opt Out of Program under your profile icon in the top right corner. You will have 5 business days to opt back in.

If you are actively participating in a particular test group,  opting out will also remove you from that group. In this case, please allow a few extra days for your software and devices to be fully restored to their original state. Please note that after you have been removed from the program, we can't guarantee you'll be admitted again if you decide to apply later.

How do I leave a specific Trusted Tester Group?

We do our best to match each Trusted Tester to the right feature group, we but we understand if you want to leave a particular group. It's easy.

  • Go to

  • On the Groups sidebar, note the name of the group you want to leave.

  • Click your profile icon in the top right corner, then click Opt Out of Test [name of group]

    Be sure you don't click Opt Out of Program unless you want to leave the Trusted Tester Program completely.

Once you've opted out, we'll contact you to help you restore your software and devices to their original state. 

Where can I find your Privacy & Terms and additional information?

You can find more information on Google Fiber using the links below:

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