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Set parental controls

This article applies to customers who have the new version of Fiber TV. If you have the older version of our user interface, please view this article on how to manage parental controls.

With Google Fiber TV parental controls, you can quickly and easily restrict what your children can watch on television—both TV programming and On Demand content. Parental controls are available to restrict:

  • Specific channels
  • Shows based on their TV ratings (such as TV-14)
  • Shows based on their movie ratings (such as NC-17)
  • Shows based on their parental advisory warnings of violence, language, and sexual content
  • Unrated content
  • Content purchasing
  • Fiber TV apps (Netflix, VUDU, and YouTube)

To turn on parental controls, you need to set up a 4-digit lock code. This code allows anyone who knows it to watch restricted content, but it prevents children and others who don't have the code from watching that content.

Set up parental controls on any TV in your home. Your settings apply to all of your Fiber-connected TVs, as well as the Fiber TV mobile app on mobile devices connected to your home network. After you turn on parental controls, you can change them or turn them off from any Fiber-connected TV in your home.

To display parental control settings:

  1. Press  on the remote control, select Settings, and press ok.

  2. Select Parental Controls and press ok to display the Parental Controls Settings page.

    Display parental control settings on Fiber TV

Access parental controls while watching TV: Press on the remote control to display the Info bar. Then press  on the remote, select Parental Controls, and press ok.

To turn on parental controls
  1. On the Parental Controls Settings page, select Turn On Parental Controls and press ok.

    A message prompts you to enter a new lock code. This is the code you'll enter anytime you want to watch restricted content. 

    Set new parental code lock on legacy Fiber TV

  2. Enter a unique 4-digit code that will be easy for you to remember but hard for your children and others to figure out. Then press ok.

    For example, birthdays, anniversaries, and street addresses are easy to guess, so it's best not to use them for this code.

  3. When prompted, enter the lock code again to confirm it and press ok.

    The Parental Controls page displays more options. The  icon indicates parental controls are turned on.

    Turn on parental controls on Google Fiber TV

Continue with any of the instructions below.

To restrict content
Need to restrict content quickly? Start with the movie ratings (MPAA Ratings) and TV ratings (TV Parental Guidelines); these block a wide variety of content that's inappropriate for children.
  1. With parental controls turned on, select Change Parental Controls Settings and press ok.

  2. At the prompt, enter the parental lock code.

    The Parental Controls Settings page displays the types of content you can restrict.

    Restrict channels on Google Fiber TV

  3. To restrict access to channels, select Channel Restrictions and press ok.

    • To prevent a channel from appearing in the on-screen guide and search results, select it and press del on the remote. The  icon indicates the channel is hidden.

    • To prevent anyone without the parental lock code from watching a channel, select it and press ok. The   icon indicates the channel is restricted.

    Restrict channel access on Google Fiber TV

  4. To restrict content based on ratings, warnings, and other controls, select any of the following and press ok.

    When you select a rating, warning, or other option, a  icon indicates that the content is restricted.

    • TV Parental Guidelines: Restrict TV shows based on the TV rating system.

      Set TV parental guidelines on Google Fiber TV

    • MPAA Ratings: Restrict movies based on the Motion Picture Association of America advisory system.

      Restrict MPAA ratings movies on Google Fiber TV

    • Advisory Content: Restrict TV shows, movies, and other content based on advisory warnings.

      Restrict TV shows with advisory content on Fiber TV

    • Other Controls: Restrict other types of content, including unrated content, ability to purchase content, and access to apps on Fiber TV (Netflix, VUDU, and YouTube).

      Restrict access to Fiber TV apps

  5. Press  on the remote to return to the Parental Controls Settings page and make more changes, or press   to return to live programming.

To change the parental lock code
  1. On the Parental Controls Settings page, select Change Parental Lock Code and press ok.

  2. When prompted, enter the code.

  3. When prompted, enter a new 4-digit code and press ok.

  4. Enter the new lock code again to confirm it and press ok.

To turn off parental controls
  1. On the Parental Controls Settings page, select Turn Off Parental Controls and press ok.

  2. When prompted, enter the code.

    The  icon indicates that parental controls are turned off.

Frequently asked questions about parental controls

What if I forget my parental lock code?

If you forget the code, just contact Google Fiber customer support, and we will reset it for you. For security reasons, you can't reset it yourself.

I upgraded to the new Fiber TV from a previous version. Did my parental lock code change?

Your parental lock code, which previously could be up to 12 characters, is now limited to 4 characters. To unlock a show, just enter the first 4 characters of your original code.

Where can I find parental ratings for show and movies?

You can find parental ratings on the More Info page for any show.

Can I record locked content?

Yes, you can still schedule recordings of locked content. However, you need to enter the parental lock code to watch the recordings.

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