Create a keyword recording

This article applies to customers who have the new version of Fiber TV. If you have the older version of our user interface, please view this article on how to create a keyword recording.

You can create a keyword recording to automatically record any shows that match a word or phrase that appears in the show's title, and optionally, its description on the More Info page. For example, you can record:

  • All TV shows and movies that contain Star Trek in their title or description
  • All baseball games with Kansas City Royals in the title or description
  • All shows that contain a subject you're interested in—such aliens—in their title or description

After you create a keyword recording, Google Fiber TV continuously searches for your keywords in the programming information of shows as they become available.

To create a keyword recording:

  1. Press on the remote control, select DVR from the menu, and press ok on the remote control.

  2. At the top of the screen, select Manage and press ok.

    The DVR Manage page appears.

    Manage keyword recordings on Google Fiber TV

  3. Under Create Recording on the left, select By Keyword and press ok.

    The Create Keyword Recording page appears.

    create a keyword recording on Google Fiber TV

  4. Use the up/down/left/right arrow buttons on the remote to navigate around the keyboard, and press ok to select each character. (Keywords are not case sensitive, so you don't need to enter capital letters.)

    To delete characters, select x on the on-screen keyboard or press google fiber remote delete button on the remote. To delete all characters at once to start over, select clear on the on-screen keyboard. 

    If you enter multiple keywords: Fiber TV records only shows with titles that contain all those words in the order you entered them.  

    Only titles searched by default: Fiber TV searches only the titles of shows for your keyword, unless change the keyword settings to search both a show's title and description. 

  5. Select Create and press ok.

    If a show that matches the keyword or phrase you specified airs, your Google Fiber DVR records it.

    Don't turn off the storage device: Your Fiber TV DVR records and saves shows on this device. However, you can turn off your TV Box when you're not watching TV.
Keyword settings

Keyword settings let you choose which part a show's programming content you want Fiber TV to search for your keyword:

  1. Select at the bottom right of the keyboard, and press ok.

    The Keyword Settings screen appears.

    Google Fiber TV keyword settings

  2. Select a setting and press ok to return to the keyword recording set-up screen.

    Use caution if you select the Descriptions & Titles option. For example, if the keyword is "food," the DVR will record every show with the word "food" anywhere in the title or description, which might end up being more than you bargained for! This type of keyword recording can fill up your storage device very quickly with shows you're not interested in.

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