Sign up later

You can use the Sign up Later option to pause your Fiber sign-up until a later time. The Sign up Later option saves the selections you've made and sends you an email with a link to continue the sign-up process from where you stopped.

If you use the Sign up Later option, be sure to finish signing up before your fiberhood's sign-up period ends.

To pause your Fiber sign-up process:

  1. Click Save & sign up later on the bottom left hand of the screen to pause the sign-up process.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you haven't signed in, enter your email address, (and a second address if desired), and then click Send.

    • If you're already signed in, your email address appears. If desired, enter another email address, and then click Send.

  3. Check your email to make sure you've received the message containing the link to the Fiber sign-up screen where you left off.

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