About your Mini Network Box (GFMN100)

If you subscribe to Broadband plan, your package includes a Mini Network Box (GFMN100). (The Basic plan may include either a Mini Network Box or a Network Box.)

The Google Fiber Mini Network Box connects by Ethernet cable directly to your Fiber Jack. The dimensions of the Mini Network Box are 3.8" W x 3.8" D x 0.94" H.

When the Mini Network Box is properly connected, the LED on the front lights up solid blue. If the LED does not light up solid blue about 2 minutes after being connected to power, contact Google Fiber customer support.

The Mini Network Box serves as a router, which provides Internet service for your home network. You can connect computers and other devices to the Mini Network Box using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Only one device can be wired directly to the Mini Network Box at a time. Connecting directly to the Mini Network Box provides the fastest speeds on your network.

As the number of active wireless devices connected to the Mini Network Box approaches 16, performance degrades dramatically.

You can manage your network settings on the Network tab in your Fiber account.

Google Fiber uses open source components (some of which are licensed under GPL). You can find our repository of open source code at code.google.com/p/gfiber.

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