Update your subscription preferences

Subscriptions allow you to automatically receive email and text messages with updates about your Google Fiber service. Although you'll always receive notifications about upcoming appointments, payment confirmations, and notifications when your invoice is ready to review each month, you can choose whether or not you want to receive emails and text messages about service outages in your area, product news, channel line-up changes, and so on.

To change your Fiber account subscription preferences, sign into your Fiber account and select Settings from the menu. (Menu selections are displayed without a navigation menu if your browser window is enlarged.)

If you are not a Google Fiber customer, you can still sign up for the Google Fiber mailing list to receive news about Google Fiber in your area. If you signed up for the Google Fiber mailing list and prefer not to receive updates from us, click the unsubscribe here link at the bottom of any message you receive from us.



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