Use Google Fiber without a Network Box

If you opted not to install a Network Box, you must configure several parameters on the networking equipment you connect to the Fiber Jack. The required settings are below, but configuration examples for each vendor are not available. Contact your networking equipment vendor for help configuring your device.

If the Fiber Jack is a model GFLT110 and you opt not to use the Network Box, you must provide power to the Fiber Jack by a power pack, which you can obtain from your Google Fiber Installation Specialist. If Fiber Jack is a model GFLT100, it comes equipped with a power pack that you must use whether you use the Network Box or not.

Configuration guidelines for the interface connected to the Fiber Jack:

  • DHCPv4: You receive the WAN IPv4 address via DHCP. This address will not change. The static IP allocations are tied to your account and physical address. They will remain the same unless you modify your service or move locations.
  • DHCPv6 (optional): Google Fiber supports IPv6. We encourage you to enable DHCPv6 on this interface.
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