TV remote IR hex codes

This article contains advanced information intended for use by universal remote manufacturers so they can support the Google Fiber TV Box.

Caution: These instructions are not intended for general customer use. The hex codes are not required for standard use of the remote.

TV remote IR hex codes

The Google Fiber remote follows the RC6 protocol with the toggle bit flipping on each button press. Volume on the remote controls the TV volume.

Power: 0x8074700C
Guide: 0x807470CC
Record: 0x80747037
Play: 0x8074702C
Stop: 0x80747031

REW: 0x80747029
FF: 0x80747028
SKIP BK: 0x80747021
Pause: 0x80747030
SKIP FW: 0x80747020

Menu: 0x80747054
Info: 0x8074700F

Left: 0x8074705A
Right: 0x8074705B
Down: 0x80747059
Up: 0x80747058
Enter: 0x8074705C

<-: 0x80747083
LAST: 0x8074700A

Vol Up: 0x80747010
Vol Down: 0x80747011

Ch Up: 0x8074701E
Ch Down: 0x8074701F

Search: 0x8074709B
Mute: 0x8074700D

Exit: 0x80747080

1: 0x80747001
2: 0x80747002
3: 0x80747003
4: 0x80747004
5: 0x80747005
6: 0x80747006
7: 0x80747007
8: 0x80747008
9: 0x80747009
0: 0x80747000

DEL: 0x8074709E

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