Control a TV from the Fiber TV app (iOS)

If your mobile device is connected to your home Fiber Wi-Fi network, you can control the show playing on your TV. Tap the screen selector (the icon between and ) and select the TV that's playing the show you want to control, then tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom.

Control a TV from the Google Fiber TV app

This is called a "second screen experience." The second screen experience provides:

  • The full-screen artwork for the show.

  • A progress bar to indicate the time elapsed in the show or playback so far.

  • Controls to pause, play, or skip back and forward.

  • Set Record switch to start recording the show.

  • A button to transfer the show to another screen.

  • A closed caption (CC) button to turn closed captions on and off on the TV.

  • An SAP button to select a second audio program option on the TV. 

  • An info button (top right corner) to see the Detailed Info screen for the show.

Tap the back-arrow at the top left to return to the previous display.

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