Change the name of a TV Box

Update the name of your TV Box within the network settings in your Fiber account.
This article applies to customers who have a Fiber Network Box as their router. If you have Google Wifi instead of a Network Box, you can use the Google Wifi app to manage your account.

Your Installation Specialist might have assigned the names of your TV Boxes to reflect their location, for example, living room, master bedroom, and so forth. These names appear on screen selection menus in the Google Fiber mobile app you use to specify which TV you want to control. You can change these names at any time.

To change the name of a TV Box:

  1. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account.

  2. Select Network at the top-left corner. (If you don’t see it, click the navigation menu to display the selection.)

  3. Click the TV Box whose name you want to change, enter a new name in the Name field, and then click Apply to update the name.

    Update the name of your Google Fiber TV Box.

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