Stream media with the Fiber TV mobile app (Android)

If you have one or more third-party streaming apps (such as Netflix or VUDU) activated on your Fiber TV system, you can watch shows from the apps on your mobile device or on your TV. To use Netflix or VUDU, you should install those apps on your mobile device. You can start the apps just as you would any other app, by touching their icons from the Android home screen, or you can start them automatically from the Fiber app on the Detailed Info screen.

Use the Search feature to look for a show you want to watch, then use the Detailed Info screen in the results to see if a show is available on Netflix or VUDU.

To start a third-party app from the Fiber TV App:

  1. From the Detailed Info screen, find the section that says Watch on Netflix or Watch on VUDU. If you don't see this section, the show is not available to watch on third-party apps.

    Stream media with the Google Fiber TV mobile app on Android.


  2. Touch Watch on Netflix or Watch on VUDU. The app starts and your show is ready to watch.

  3. To watch the show on your TV, touch the screen selector and choose the TV.

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