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Although Fiber Phone is available in limited areas, Google Fiber does not offer phone service in all of our Fiber locations. Until Fiber Phone is available in your area, you can sign up for a telephone or voice plan through another service provider before you switch to Google Fiber.

Learn more about Fiber Phone now, and if you'd like an email update as our plans develop, take a minute to submit a Fiber Phone interest form.

Google Fiber allows you to take advantage of numerous voice services that operate across high-speed Internet connections, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are a variety of VoIP solutions and service plans, many of which are less expensive than traditional landline service, feature clearer call quality and offer flat fees for unlimited domestic and international calls. While VoIP phone service is quite reliable, it’s important to remember that if your Internet service is ever unavailable or disconnected, your VoIP service will be, too.

Here’s how to get started with VoIP:

  • First, do a bit of research and find the VoIP provider that best fits your needs. Your favorite search engine can help you discover top providers and compare features that are important to you, such as service plans, pricing, calling features, set-up, and support options.

  • Once you sign up for service with a VoIP provider, you’ll likely be given a device that will plug into the Google Fiber Network Box using an Ethernet cable.

  • For the most part, VoIP is compatible with any touch tone phones you currently own (including cordless phones).

  • Some VoIP providers can even support fax machines and security systems.

If you would still like traditional landline telephone service at your home, contact a telephone service provider in your area.

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