Watch TV Everywhere (TVE)

TV Everywhere allows you to watch TV shows on your computer outside of your home in addition to the shows you watch on TV at home. This service is provided to Google Fiber TV subscribers by Google Fiber at no additional charge for channels to which you are already subscribed. Some of the TV Everywhere channels are part of the standard TV package, and those are available to all Google Fiber TV subscribers. Some are associated with optional packages, and are available to you only if you subscribe to that specific channel. (See View your channel line-up for more information.)

Some channels also have apps for Android or iOS. (iOS version 1.7.2 or higher is required for the iOS app. If you use an earlier version of iOS, "Google Fiber" will not appear as an option when you log in.) Check the channel websites for more details.

The TV Everywhere service is provided in addition to the shows you can watch on your mobile device while connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

The TV Everywhere channels currently available to Google Fiber TV subscribers using a computer are:

Watch Disney
Watch ESPN
Watch Longhorn
Watch ABC
Watch ABC Family
STARZ Play (requires a subscription to the STARZ Optional Package or the Premium Package)
NBC Olympics TVE

In locations where the Longhorn Network is part of the Sports package, Watch Longhorn is available only to users who subscribe to the Sports package. In locations where it is part of the standard TV plan, it is available to all TV subscribers.

ABC does not provide live programming on Watch ABC in any Fiber markets at this time. ABC typically makes content available the day after it airs, however, and you can use your Google Fiber account to watch live content if you happen to be travelling in one of the markets currently supported by Watch ABC. (See Watch ABC's help page for details.) You can watch live programming on Watch ABC Family, though.

To watch TV Everywhere on your computer, click the link above for the channel you want to watch. Some channels require you to log in right away; others require you to log in only when you select a show to watch. When you log in, be sure to select Google Fiber as your service provider, and sign in with your Google Fiber username and password.