Starbucks Wi-Fi from Google

Welcome to Starbucks Wi-Fi from Google!

If you're having trouble connecting, call us at (855) 446-2374.

Using Starbucks Wi-Fi from Google is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the list of available wireless networks.

    Since there are so many possible variations based on your hardware and system set-up, please consult your device documentation if you are not sure how to display this list.

  2. Select Google Starbucks or Google Teavana, depending on which store you are in.

    No password is needed to join the network.

  3. Open any browser, and go to any web page (or refresh a page you already have open).

    The Starbucks Free Wi-Fi landing page appears.

  4. After reading the terms of service and privacy policy, click Accept & Connect.

    That's it! You're good to go! Enjoy...

If you have any trouble connecting, feel free to contact customer support at (855) 446-2374.

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