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Cancel your Google Fiber service

Although we'd be sorry to see you go, you can cancel your Google Fiber service before or after it's installed. Cancellation methods differ based on your account status.  

If services haven't been installed

 Cancel your Google Fiber service before installation

If Fiber service has not been installed, you can cancel from your Fiber account on the Fiber website.


To cancel Google Fiber service before installation:

  1. Sign in to your Google Fiber accountusing your email and password.
  2. On your account page, click Manage Profile.
  3. On your profile page, click Cancel Fiber Service.
    (If you don't see this link under your name at the top of the page, contact Google Fiber customer support.)

    Cancel Google FIber service within account.
  4. A series of messages appear with information about cancelling your Fiber service. Click Continue in each dialog box to cancel your Fiber service. 

Google Fiber Phone number transfer scheduled 

Your Fiber service may not be installed yet, but if Google Fiber Phone is part of your service and you have scheduled a date to transfer an existing phone number, please contact Google Fiber customer support.

If Fiber service is already installed, you'll need to contact Google Fiber customer support to cancel your service.

If you currently have Google Fiber service installed

​If Fiber service is already installed and you have your Google Fiber security PIN ready, you'll need to contact Google Fiber customer support to cancel your service.
You can find more info on how to find your PIN.

 FAQs on canceling service

After canceling, when will I receive my final bill?

  • Once services are canceled, you will receive your final invoice on the 3rd calendar day of the following month (e.g. services canceled on January 20th. Final bill will be sent on February 3rd).
  1. Important Notes: Your cancellation confirmation email will contain information on whether you owe any equipment back to Google Fiber and how to return it. If any requested Google Fiber equipment isn't returned within 60 days of your cancellation date, you will be charged for each unreturned device and those charges will be reflected in an additional and final bill.

    2. Additional details about your final bill:

    • Please note that you will still be charged for the full month of service where the cancellation took effect (even if services are canceled on the 1st of the month). You will receive a prorated credit/refund for the time you did not have service once all of the following has been met: 
      • There are no outstanding balances on the account
      • All Google Fiber owned devices have been returned
      • Your account has been fully canceled
    • Once Google Fiber has received all Google Fiber owned equipment that was due to be returned, any remaining prorated credits will be refunded to your last form of payment within 10 days of a complete account cancellation.

How do I return my equipment after canceling service?

  • Upon cancellation, you’ll receive an email with instructions advising which devices need to be returned to Google Fiber. If any devices are expected to be returned, you'll receive a separate email from FedEx within three business days of your cancellation date with a prepaid shipping label to return any devices. 
  • For additional information about equipment returns, please click here.

What if I cancel service and then change my mind?

  • No problem! We realize plans change and we’re here to help.
  1. Please have your Google Fiber security PIN ready (as we can’t assist you without it).
  2. Chat with our support team where we can address any questions you have about restoring services and/or stopping an already scheduled cancellation.
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