Cancel your Google Fiber service

Although we'd be sorry to see you go, you can cancel your Google Fiber service before or after it's installed. Cancellation methods differ based on your account status.  

Before installation

If Fiber service has not been installed, you can cancel from your Fiber account on the Fiber website.

To cancel Fiber service before installation:

  1. Sign in to your Fiberaccount using the email and password you use for Fiber.
  2. On your account page, click Manage Profile.
  3. On your profile page, click Cancel Fiber Service. (If you don't see this link under your name at the top of the page, contact Google Fiber customer support.)

  4. A series of messages appear with information about cancelling your Fiber service. Click Continue in each dialog box to cancel your Fiber service. 

Fiber Phone number transfer scheduled 

Your Fiber service may not be installed yet, but if Fiber Phone is part of your service and you have scheduled a date to transfer an existing phone number, please contact Google Fiber customer support

After installation

  • If Fiber service is already installed, you'll need to contact Google Fiber customer support to cancel your service.
  • If you opted for a new Fiber Phone number (not the transfer of an existing phone number), it remains in Google Voice. You can transfer your number to another provider after cancelling Fiber service.
  • Please note that after you cancel your account, you will be billed for any remaining charges associated with your account. Your credit card may be charged as late as the 25th of the month following cancellation, depending on your location and billing cycle. Please be aware of the following charges that may be applied after cancellation:

    • Outstanding monthly service charges (including any proration of charges)
    • Charges for any Fiber equipment that hasn’t been returned within 25 days of cancellation

Transfer Fiber service  

Google Fiber service cannot be transferred to another address, but can be transferred into another person's name at the same address. If you're moving to another address where Fiber service is available, contact Google Fiber customer support and we'll help you get signed up at your new address. Please have the following information available when you contact customer support. 

  • The email and password associated with your Fiber account.
  • Your Fiber account customer support PIN.
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