Red device on network diagram

If one of your devices' outline is red on the Network tab in your Fiber account, such as the TV Box in the example below, it indicates that that device is offline and not communicating with Google Fiber.

If that happens, try the following steps in order to resolve the problem. If one step works, you can skip the rest.

  1. Check that all of your wiring connections are properly seated on both ends.

  2. If any cable is dislodged, reseat it, and recheck the network diagram.

  3. If all wiring is properly connected, powercycle the device as follows:

    • Unplug the power cable from either the device or the wall outlet.

    • Wait 10 seconds.

    • Reconnect the power cable.

  4. If the LED on the device turns solid blue, recheck the network diagram to confirm that the device outline is green.

  5. If powercycling does not resolve the problem, contact Google Fiber customer support.

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