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Use the on-screen guide in the Fiber TV app (iOS)

If you're not already viewing the guide screen, tap to display the main menu, and then tap Guide to display the on-screen guide.

Create a custom guide in the Google Fiber TV app (iOS).

On this screen, you can:

  • Swipe the screen up and down to scroll through more channel listings.

  • Swipe the screen left and right to see listings at other times, including listings in the past.

  • Tap the calendar at the top right and then select a date to see listings for that date.

  • Tap Now on the left side of the time bar to make sure the guide is showing what's on right now. The thin blue line under the time bar shows the approximate current time.

Tap any show in the guide to display an info card for that show.

​On the info card, you can tap:

  • Watch live to watch the show on the screen you are currently controlling. This feature is not available for every show on every screen.
  • More info to display the Detailed Info screen.
  • Set Record to record the show, or Cancel Record if a show is recording.

Guides menu

You can use the guides menu to change the guide to show different sets of channels. The guides menu is on the left side of the screen, just below the date, and is usually set to All channels. Tap the menu title to display the menu options.

  • All channels displays all your channels in the guide.

  • Streamable shows just the channels you can stream live on your mobile device. Shows on these channels are marked with the mobile icon.

  • If you have created any custom guides, they appear next.

Learn more about the icons used in the on-screen guide.

You can also navigate and use the on-screen guide with your Bluetooth remote.

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