Search for content in the Fiber TV app (Android)

When you touch on the top bar, the Search TV field appears at the top of the screen. A back arrow appears to the left; you can touch it to return to the previous screen.

Search for content in Google Fiber TV app on Android.

Enter the text you want to find—a movie or TV show title, an actor's name, sports team name, or a network—and touch the Return key on the keyboard. As you type, suggested searches and results appear below the typing area. Touch a suggestion, a result, or finish typing your search. The search results appear.

Instead of typing, you can touch the microphone icon in the Search field to speak your search.

Search finds shows from your DVR recordings, on demand, Netflix and VUDU (if activated), and TV listings.

You can watch Netflix, VUDU, and some live and VOD shows on your mobile device. You can't watch shows from your DVR on your mobile device.

You can also use your remote control to search for content.

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