Browse your recorded content in the Fiber TV app (Android)

Touch the menu icon on the left to display the main navigation menu, and then touch DVR to display your current recordings.

Browse recorded content in the Google Fiber TV app on Android.On this screen, you can:

  • Touch Movies, TV Shows, or Scheduled to display lists of recorded movies, recorded TV shows, or upcoming recordings. You can also swipe left or right to switch between these categories.

  • Touch the Settings icon in the upper right to display a list of scheduled Smart Recordings. Touch the name of a show on the Smart Recordings list to display its current recording option settings.

  • From the Movies or TV Shows views, touch any show to view information about the show, including recording status (on or off), watch now options, recent recordings, upcoming airings, on demand episodes, and cast and crew. Touch any show to see the info card for that show. Shows you've watched are marked with a  icon.

  • From an info card, touch Details to see the detailed info for that show, or Play to watch the show.

You can turn your TV Box off when you're watching a program that's not on live TV.

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