Find video on demand in the Fiber TV app (Android)

Touch the icon at the top left to display the main navigation menu, and then touch On Demand to display on demand content from Google Fiber that you can play right now.

Find video on demand in the Google Fiber TV app on Android.Programs are grouped into categories listed across the top. Touch a category name or swipe left or right to change categories. The categories are:

  • Top Movies: The most-watched movies.

  • Top TV Shows: The most-watched TV shows.

  • Just In: A list of shows recently added to your on demand content. This includes shows from Google Fiber, Netflix (if activated), and VUDU (if activated).

  • Genres: The rest of the categories filter all of the content available by genre—everything from drama to comedy to horror to health and fitness to musical theater and many more.

When you touch an On Demand title, the Detailed Info screen appears.

You can also use your remote to find and watch video on demand.

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