Help bring GFiber to your building

We’d love to bring GFiber to your building, and to do so we need your property owner's permission. You can help get GFiber in your home by asking your property owner to contact us here.

We define a Multi-family Dwelling Unit (MDU) as a residential property with nine or more units, for example, an apartment building or condo complex. Please take a few minutes to read about your requirements based on the type of dwelling you live in.

For a rented apartment or townhome

If you rent a unit within an apartment building, a group of townhouses, or a gated community, your property owner may be eligible to sign an agreement with GFiber to get fiber to your home.

If there is an agreement in place between your property owner and Google for your building:

For a rented single-family dwelling

If you live in a standalone townhome, duplex, or house, and your property owner has not signed an agreement with GFiber, you can sign up only during the sign-up period for your area.

For an owned condo or townhome

If you live in a condo or other type of individually owned unit in a single building or property, your building has the same requirements as a rental property.

Contact us so we can start the process together.

  • If your building qualifies for an access agreement, your homeowners' association must sign an access agreement.
  • If your building does not qualify for an access agreement, you can sign up as a single-family home.
Service is not available in all areas; your address must be in an area that has qualified for service. If there is an agreement between a property owner and GFiber, you can sign up for GFiber service, but there might be additional terms and conditions that affect our ability to bring fiber to the building.

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