How to bring GFiber to your building

It’s easy to get GFiber in your home — but if you rent or live in a condo or townhome, you’ll need to get permission from the homeowner or your property owner. To get the ball rolling, the property owner can submit this form

Depending on what kind of building you live in, you may also need to take a few extra steps to get GFiber service (you can find more details about this in the sections below).

If you own a single family home that’s not in a gated community or on a private road, you don’t need to worry about filling out the form or any extra requirements — just enter your address here. If GFiber is in your area, you’ll be able to sign up for service.
For a rented apartment or townhome

An illustration showing an apartment building or townhome with GFiber internet

If you rent a unit within an apartment building, a group of townhouses, or a gated community, your property owner may be eligible to sign an access agreement to bring GFiber to your home.

Once an access agreement is in place between your property owner and Google:

  • We’ll work with your property owner or management to bring GFiber service to the property. 
  • After construction is complete, we’ll make service available to tenants at the property. 
  • Once they’re eligible for service, tenants will still have to sign up and choose a service plan to become GFiber customers.

You can learn more about how to get GFiber in your home here.

For a rented single-family dwelling

An illustration showing a single family home with GFiber internet

If you live in a standalone townhome, duplex, or house that you rent, you’ll need to ask the owner for permission before signing up. If your home is within a gated community or on a private road, GFiber may also require additional permission (like a signed access agreement) from your homeowner association. 

Once you’ve gotten permission from the homeowner and an access agreement is signed, you’ll be all set to sign up for GFiber.

For more information, you can check out this article about GFiber for rental properties.

For an owned condo or townhome

If you live in a condo or another type of individually owned unit in a single building or property (or in a single-family dwelling within a gated community or on a private road), your building has the same requirements as a rental property. You can check out the sections above for more details.

Please note that if your building qualifies for an access agreement, your homeowner association must sign one before GFiber can be installed. Generally, if your building has five or more units, you’ll likely need an access agreement.


Feel free to contact us any time with questions or to start the process of bringing GFiber to your home.

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