Clean up your Storage Box

The Google Fiber Storage Box has the capacity to store up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data. That includes your uploaded personal media, shows or movies you record from your TV, and all of the shows recorded while your TV Box was powered on. (See Watch live TV for more information about the latter.)

The Storage Box can become full very quickly when any of the following situations occur:

  • Recording conflicts can occur when you set up a large number of Smart Recordings for shows that air frequently, particularly if you mark the recordings Keep Forever.

  • If you press  on the remote control to record a show that you are watching, it automatically marks that recording Keep Forever.

When it needs more space, the Storage Box automatically deletes recordings in the following order:

  • Shows watched but not explicitly set up to be recorded by a user (including those that were not watched but were recorded because the TV Box was powered on). These shows generally do not appear in Current Recordings.

    Recorded shows are actually recorded and saved on the Storage Box, not the TV Box. So as long as you leave the Storage Box powered on, your scheduled recordings will be recorded. It is not necessary to leave your TV Boxes on when you are not actively watching TV.

  • Shows that have been recorded and watched that are not marked "Keep Forever".

  • Shows that have been recorded but not watched that are not marked "Keep Forever".

To determine how much disk space is being used and how much is available, see View Storage Box space usage.

The remainder of this article describes how to clean up your Storage Box when any of these situations occur.

If you decide that you no longer want to record a certain show, follow the instructions in Cancel a scheduled recording. In addition, if you already have any recordings of that show that you no longer want, press  on the remote control and select DVR. Highlight the show on the Current Recordings screen, and press on the remote control. A message prompts you to confirm deletion of the entire series or Smart Recording. Select Delete. The entire series or Smart Recording is deleted.

When  appears on the main menu bar or on the DVR menu, it indicates that there is a recording conflict—that is, more than eight shows are scheduled to record at the same time. Resolve recording conflicts explains how to resolve these problems.

After you resolve any recording conflicts, or if you do not have any recording conflicts, you might see  on the main menu bar or on the DVR menu. This icon indicates that you have one or more system messages. To review your system messages, press  on the remote control, and then select DVR and then Manage. The Notifications screen lists all of your system messages. Navigate to any message on the list and press ok to display it. After you read the message, select Delete and press ok to remove that message from the list. If you want to delete all of the messages at once, on the Notification screen, select Delete All Messages. This action removes the messages from your Storage Box.