TV screen is blank or says "No Signal"

If you leave your TV Box powered on when you turn off your TV, you might be surprised to find it powered off at times. After a power failure or an automatic upgrade, the TV Box turns back on briefly and then powers off.

If you unexpectedly see a blank screen or your TV says "No Signal" (or something similar), press  to display the main menu.

If this simple solution does not resolve the problem, or you got a new TV after Google Fiber is installed, connect a TV Box to it, and get no display, follow these guidelines to resolve the problem:

  1. Depending on how you connected the TV Box to your TV, select one of the following options:

    • If you used an HDMI cable, check your TV manufacturer's documentation to determine the optimal resolution for that TV. Then, enter the following sequence on the Google Fiber remote control: Exit > Menu > 7 > 0 > n where n is one of the following numbers, depending on the actual resolution of your TV:

      1 = 480i

      2 = 480p

      3 = 720p

      4 = 1080i

      5 = 1080p

      If the first number (resolution) you try does not resolve the problem, try another of the 5 valid numbers. For each subsequent resolution you try, press only the single number from 1 to 5. You do not need to repeat the entire sequence. 

      When you find the correct resolution setting, use the display settings to disable Autoconfigure HDMI Resolution in Settings and set Video Output Mode to the working resolution to make it a permanent setting.

    • If you used composite video, set the resolution to 480i.

    • If you used component video, set the resolution to the maximum resolution supported by the TV. Check your TV manufacturer's documentation for the proper setting.

  2. Set the display aspect ratio to 4 x 3 or 16 x 9, depending on what the TV supports. (In very rare cases, your TV might use 5 x 4 or 16 x 10, but TVs that support those aspect ratios are few and far between.)

  3. Select Menu > Apps & More > Settings > Display > Adjust User Interface Position & Size, and follow the on-screen instructions. Learn more about the User Interface Position & Size setting.

When you complete these steps, your TV is set to its optimal configuration. If you still have problems, contact Google Fiber customer support.

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