Navigate the Fiber TV app (Android)

The action bar appears at the top of the screen.

Navigating the Google Fiber TV app in Android.

The options on the action bar are:

  • Screen selector: Touch to choose which screen you're controlling: the mobile device or a TV.

    This icon only appears when you're connected to your home Fiber network.
  • Search: Touch to search for TV shows, movies, actors, and so on.

  • Calendar: Touch to see the guide for a particular date.

  • Guides menu: Touch the guides menu on the left (usually labeled All Channels) to choose a guide.

  • Menu: Touch menu to display the main navigation menu.

    Touch any of the following options on the main navigation menu:

    • Home: Displays the home screen.

    • Guide: Displays TV shows airing now and over the next two weeks.

    • DVR: Displays the shows you have recorded, as well as your scheduled recordings.

    • On Demand: Displays shows available on demand.

    • TV Access: Lets you invite household members to control the Fiber TV.

    • Help center: Displays helpful information about the app.

    • Feedback: Lets you send feedback about the app to Google Fiber.

    • About: Displays general information about the app.

The now playing bar at the bottom of the screen displays artwork for and the title of the show that is playing now on the screen that you are controlling, as well as a play / pause button.

The now playing bar is hidden while you are watching content on the mobile device.

You can touch the now playing bar to display the second screen experience.

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