About your TV remote

You can use the remote control that comes with your Google Fiber TV system (GFRM100 or GFRM200) as either infrared (IR) or Bluetooth®. Both modes can be active at the same time, or you can use it in IR mode only, if you prefer. The advantage of Bluetooth mode is that the remote does not need line of sight with the TV Box. However, only IR mode is able to control your TV.

The remote is ready to use as an IR remote with your TV Box when you receive it. You can also program it to control your TV or as a Bluetooth remote.

Below is a quick reference for the remote control, followed by detailed information about the function of each button. Some buttons have more than one function, depending on what's displayed on your TV screen at the time you press them.

The Bluetooth remote control must be within 10 meters (about 30 feet) of the TV Box, assuming there are no significant obstructions.

If the lights flash when pressing the buttons, it indicates that the batteries are low. Change the batteries. In addition, when the batteries are low, a message appears on your TV screen.

Button Function
 tv box Toggles between turning on the TV Box and putting it in standby mode.
 tv Toggles between turning the TV on and off. (This button is programmable).

Cycles through the types of input to your TV, such as Fiber TV, a Blu-ray player, a game box, or something similar. The way you select the desired input differs slightly based on the model of the Fiber remote (GFRM100 or GFRM200) you have.

  • Model GFRM100. Press the input button repeatedly to cycle through the inputs currently available to your TV.
  • Model GFRM200 (with live button). For five seconds after pressing the input button, the left, right, up, down and ok buttons control your TV (rather than the TV Box). Some TV brands only support two of the four direction buttons; either up and down or left and right.

    Pressing one of these buttons during the five-second period illuminates the tv button on the remote. (During normal operation, these buttons cause the LED on the TV Box to illuminate.) Pressing any other button during the five-second period cancels the TV mode.

    (This button is programmable for most TVs and functions).

Stops the current recording from playing and returns to the last content you were watching.
Records the content you are watching. (Because everything you watch is recorded, this actually confirms that the DVR should continue recording that show, even if you stop watching it, and that it should mark that recording Keep Forever.) Also, schedules a program that is highlighted on the on-screen guide or info overlay to be recorded. Press it again to display recording options.

Press the top to play the highlighted or selected show or stack of highlighted shows. Also, resumes playing after pausing.

Press the bottom to pause the content you are watching. Press the pause button repeatedly to advance forward one frame at a time. Hold down the pause button to play the content in slow motion.

Rewinds the content you are watching. (Does not work while paused.)

Fast-forwards the content you are watching. (Does not work while paused.)

When you fast-forward through a show and then press when you see the scene where you want to start watching, sometimes it starts playing past that scene. Instead of pressing  to play at normal speed, press  to skip back a bit and then play normally. This trick often starts normal playback very close to or just before the desired point.

Skips back 15 seconds in the current program, by default, or by the length of time you set in your customized skip back setting. Also horizontally pages left through lists, including the on-screen guide, the DVR screens, and the On Demand screens.
Skips forward 15 seconds in the current program, by default, or by the length of time you set in your customized skip back setting. Also horizontally pages right through lists, including the on-screen guide, the DVR screens, and the On Demand screens.
Displays the main menu, which disappears after a few seconds, if you do nothing more.
Jumps back to the previous screen of info or content.
Displays the on-screen program guide. Press again to display another custom guide.

  Moves the highlight up.

  Moves the highlight down.

  Moves the highlight right.

  Moves the highlight left.

ok - Selects the highlighted item. While watching full-screen video, displays info about the current show (same as button).

Exits the current screen and returns to the content you were watching previously. For Google Fiber TV apps, press this button to exit the app.
Displays information about the current show. (This button is programmable).

+ Increases the volume.

 Decreases the volume.

Search icon

Displays the Search screen, where you can search for content.

Press  to dismiss the Search screen and return to the content you were watching previously.

Mute button turns off the TV’s sound temporarily. Press again to return the sound to its previous volume. (This button is programmable).
Live button Live button (on GFRM200 only) goes to the live point in a show you are recording, rather than starting at the beginning.

When watching TV:

+ Changes the channel to the next higher number.

 Changes the channel to the next lower number.

When viewing a list:

+ Vertically pages up.

 Vertically pages down.

Allows you to enter numbers or letters to search for content.
Deletes the last character entered. Also deletes the highlighted item(s) (with a prompt for you to confirm the deletion) and can be used to delete a recorded show or an entire group of recordings at once.
While watching a show, it displays the last few channels watched, allowing you to select the channel you want to watch from that list.

While viewing the on-screen guide, displays the shows airing at the current time, if they are not currently displayed.

You can press prev twice quickly to go directly to playback of the previous show watched.

For safety information about your remote see the product info.

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