Reinstate suspended service

If your Google Fiber service has suspended for non-payment, we will reactivate your service when we receive your payment for the full balance you owe, as well as a valid payment method for future charges.

One way to pay your outstanding balance is to update your payment method. Go to my Fiber account

Updating your payment method triggers an automatic charge on the new card for the full balance you owe. If the payment is successful, your account will be in good standing and your service will be reinstated.

If your only payment method was a credit card on which you had reached your credit limit but you have since paid down the balance, please remove thatcredit card from your account . Then try adding that credit card back to your account as your form of payment.

Likewise, if your payment method was a prepaid debit card which had not been funded sufficiently but you have since added funds to that card, contact Google Fiber customer support and request that we try charging the same card again.

You must pay the full outstanding balance to have your service reinstated. Partial payments will not be accepted. Your next bill will reflect a credit for any days on which you had no service due to suspension.

Customers with an outstanding balance cannot:

  • Change service (upgrade, downgrade, or cancel)

  • Transfer the account to another user

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