Prepare for In-home Installation

On the day your installation is scheduled, we will do everything we can to arrive at your home on time. Our Installation Specialist will call you to confirm your appointment before arriving.

When our Installation Specialist arrives at your home, he or she will ask you where you want your equipment placed in your home and can also offer advice about positioning the devices to optimize your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

Our Installation Specialist will do all of the work. He or she will run fiber from an outside equipment box directly into your home, as well as install your equipment, set up wired and Wi-Fi networks, and demonstrate key features of the system to you. 

Fiber services are intended for personal use at only the address provided on your Fiber account. Our specialists cannot add to any existing lines or install new lines that lead to any detached structure or through a shared wall between separate apartments or residences.

Some suggestions and guidelines to help you prepare for installation:

  • Think about where you might like the equipment installed, but stay open to suggestions from the Installation Specialist.

  • If you have any devices that are currently connected directly to your router using an Ethernet cable and are not Wi-Fi-capable, consider the ideal location of these devices. Is the ideal location within 6 feet of where you want to locate your new Google Wifi point (which essentially replaces your router)? If you prefer to locate any of these devices more than 6 feet from your Google Wifi point, consider purchasing a wireless adapter for each of those devices before the date of your installation.

  • Clear your personal items out of the areas where you think the Installation Specialist might be working (as much as it makes sense).

  • It is your choice whether you schedule discontinuation of your previous Internet service (and TV service, if applicable) prior to your Google Fiber installation date or wait until your Google Fiber installation is complete. There is no conflict between Google Fiber and other Internet/TV services.

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