Pay your outstanding balance

Keep your Google Fiber account in good standing when you make a payment on your outstanding bill.
Please be aware that it may take up to 30 minutes from the time you pay your bill for services to be reactivated. If not, please powercycle your Fiber Jack using these instructions.
You can view and pay your outstanding balance at any time within your account.

If we're unable to collect the amount you owe on your account within the normal billing cycle of any month (due to an expired credit card, insufficient funds on a prepaid debit card, or any other reason), your account is considered delinquent.

Example of Google Fiber delinquency timeline

You have 40 days to pay your balance in full for your Fiber service. If you do not pay the balance within 40 days, your service will be suspended.


Resolve your account delinquency

When your account is delinquent, an alert message appears at the top of your Fiber account page. Most issues can be resolved immediately by clicking the alert. In some cases, the alert may direct you to contact customer support.

Update your payment method

If your payment issue is due to a problem with your designated credit card, you can update your payment method. Updating your payment method initiates an automatic charge on the new payment method for the full balance you owe. If the payment is successful, your account will be in good standing and your service will continue without interruption.

Please be aware that your new payment method will be used for future automatic payments if you check the box next to Make this my selection for future payments.

Partial and manual payments

We're currently unable to accept partial payment on accounts with outstanding balances or delinquent accounts. Your account remains delinquent until full payment is received. To avoid suspension, you must pay your outstanding balance in full using an existing form of payment.

If you have an outstanding balance, you shouldn't make a manual payment (entering an amount to pay) at this time for you will be charged twice: once through the manual payment and another through the automatic charge. 

Customers with an outstanding balance cannot:

  • Change service (upgrade, downgrade, or cancel)

  • Transfer the account to another user

If your service has already been suspended, see how to reinstate suspended service.

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