Perform a Fiber speed test

You might have previously tested your Internet connection speed by using one of the available services such as Unfortunately, many sites are currently able to test only commonly used DSL or cable connection speeds, not ultra-fast connections like the Gigabit Google Fiber service. Because today's speed test sites cannot demonstrate gigabit round trips—even when that speed is achieved—we worked with industry leaders to build a speed-test server that allows you to test it out for real.

As you run speed tests, keep in mind that both video and data come into your home through your Fiber Jack, and video takes priority. So if you have one or more TV Boxes turned on (even if your TV is off and you are not watching), the video stream to the TV Box is using part of the gigabit bandwidth, and the data stream can use only whatever bandwidth is left. If you do not have Google Fiber TV service or have all of your TV Boxes powered off, the full "pipe" is available for data.

In addition, speed test results can be severely impacted by slower/older computers.

To test your speed:

  1. For the best results, close all applications before running the speed test.

  2. Open your browser and go to:

    Since this link causes another browser window or tab to open, if you have pop-ups blocked, it might appear that nothing at all happens when you click this link. In that case, you can temporarily unblock pop-ups to display the speed text page.

    If clicking this link results in a web page not available error, check the URL in your browser's address field. If "https" appears at the start of the URL, delete the "s", changing it to "http", and press Enter.

  3. Click Start the speed test.

    The Google Fiber speed test checks your upload and download speeds and displays the results.

We have also partnered with, so you can test your speeds from that website as well. Be sure to select the node hosted by Google Fiber by mousing over the triangle in the middle of the screen and selecting the Hosted by Google Fiber option.

See Optimize your wireless network for details about how to improve your connection speeds.