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Search for content (legacy)

Starting January 14, 2022, no new content will be added to Fiber TV’s video-on-demand offerings in the Kansas City market.

Any shows, movies, or other content currently available in the Fiber TV on-demand library will continue to be available. This limitation only impacts new content being added.

More information about this change can be found here.
This article applies to customers who have the legacy version of Fiber TV. If you have the new version of our user interface, please view this article on how to search for content.

When you press Search icon on the remote control, the Search screen appears. Whatever is currently playing squeezes back to a thumbnail image (top right) and continues playing. The name of the show and the current time, day, and date appear to the right of the thumbnail.

Google Fiber TV legacy search content

If you have blocked any individual channels, those channels do not appear on any guide.

The Search screen displays a history of the last several searches run on your TV Box. You can use the arrow buttons to navigate to and select any of the searches displayed, or you can enter new search text. If desired, you can clear the search history by selecting Clear Search History.

To perform a new search:

  1. Enter all or part of a TV show, movie, sports team, actor, or other information in the search field.

    You can even enter a channel number, call sign, channel name or network name to display relevant channels at the top of the results list. For example, enter 123 to display all channels including the number 123, such as 123 and 1230, and then all TV shows and movies that include the number 123 in the title (or description, if you set search all show info). If you enter "fox," all of the Fox network channels appear at the top of the list.

    Learn more about entering search text.

    The search starts automatically as soon as you start entering text, and Search Titles/Names is selected below the keyboard by default. As you enter characters, a list of suggestions appear on the right, so you don't have to enter the entire word or title. Below the suggestions, a list of everything that matches your search criteria appears with the results divided into categories: Channels, TV Shows, Movies, and People.

    Perform a search on legacy Google Fiber TV

    Search Titles/Names is the best choice if you know part or all of the title or the name of an actor or team, because the show you are looking for is likely to appear closer to the top of the results list. For example, if you are looking for The Wiz Live and enter "wiz" with Search Titles/Names selected, the search results include only shows with "wiz" in the title.

  2. If you want to search all information about the shows that match your search text, select Search All Show Info from the drop-down list under the on-screen keyboard.

    The Search feature searches for shows recently aired on TV or will air over the next two weeks, the video on demand (VOD) library, VUDU (if activated), and any shows that you have recorded or watched in the past. If you want to schedule recordings for shows that will air more than two weeks from now, try creating a keyword recording.

    The Search feature tries to find the text you enter at the beginning of a word in the show title or other content information. For example, if you enter "ang," the search will find "Angel" but not "Ranger."

    The search results include exact matches only. For example, if you enter US, it will find titles that include the letters "us" with no spaces or punctuation between them, such as "People Like Us" or "The Usual Lot." If you are looking for information about the United States, search for "U.S." and "United States," as well as "US."

    Sports shows include the team name under Info rather than Details. So when you want to search for a sports team, select Search All Show Info.

  3. If VUDU is activated, you can select Show VUDU Results to include VUDU content in the results (the default), or deselect it to not include VUDU content.

  4. Press the arrow buttons on the remote control to scroll through the list.

  5. Select a TV show, movie, or person, and press ok.

    When you select a person, a list of TV shows and movies in which that person appears is displayed. Select a TV show or movie, and press ok.

    If you select a show that is provided by an app, such VUDU, a message prompts you to confirm that you want to play this content from the app. If you confirm, this action takes you directly to the details for that show in the app. You do not have to go through the app's selection process at all. Simply play the show as usual from the app.

    When you watch a show in an app that was found in a search, you can press on the remote control to return to the details for that show in the app, or press to stop the show, exit the app, and return to live TV.

    The next screen displays a list of episodes of the selected show that are on now. You can select:

    • Available Now to display a list of all episodes available for you to watch now

    • Future Airings to display a list of episodes that will air in the future

    • Past Airings to display a list of episodes that have already aired, which could include shows you recorded

    • Live to display a list of shows currently airing

  6. Select an episode, and press ok.

    The Detailed Info screen appears, and you can select from the usual options on that screen.

Entering search text

To use the on-screen keyboard:

Use the arrow buttons on the remote control to navigate around the keyboard, and press ok to select each character.

  • Select 123#&@ to enter numbers and symbols.

  • Select abc to return to the letters.

  • Select SPACE to enter a space between words.

  • Select CLEAR ALL to remove all text from the search field.

  • Select or press google fiber remote delete button on the remote control or select DEL on the on-screen keyboard to delete the last character entered.

  • Select Search Titles/Names to find only content where the search text appears in the title of the show or the name of a person associated with one or more shows.

  • Select Search All Show Info (the default) to find all content where the search text appears in any part of the information about the show.

To use the predictive text entry method with the remote:

The predictive text entry method makes it faster and easier to type.

Start entering the search text by pressing alphanumeric buttons on the remote. Press each button only once, regardless of whether the letter you want to enter is the first, second, or third letter on the button.

As you press each button, the search field displays its best guess at what you want to enter. Keep pressing buttons until the text you want appears. The shows that match the search text appear to the right.

For example, suppose you want to find content that includes the word "Jack." Try this:

  1. Press 5 once to select the JKL group for the first character.

  2. Press 2 once to select the ABC group for the second character.

  3. Press 2 once to select the ABC group for the third character.

  4. Press 5 once to select the JKL group for the fourth character.

As you press the buttons, "jaaj" appears, and it searches for content. When the search results appear, it changes the search text to "jack" and displays a list of shows that contain the word "jack."

You can also search for content using the Fiber mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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