Upgrade your firmware

All firmware upgrades are automatically pushed to Google Fiber devices on our own internal schedule, based on the readiness of changes we make, issues we resolve, and new features that we add. Upgrades typically take place in the middle of the night, so they should not disturb your viewing or recording activities most of the time.

When the upgrade is complete, the screen goes blank for a few moments. Then a Google Fiber logo appears on the screen, a brief entertaining video plays, and the TV Box powers off.

If you unexpectedly see a blank screen, the TV Box might be powered off or tuned to an empty channel. Press to display the main menu.

It is normal for the storage device to take up to 20 minutes to reload its data after it is powered off. We are working to reduce this time, but in the meantime, a message appears on your TV screen during the reloading process to let you know it is loading data.

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