Launch Netflix

You must activate the Netflix player included with Google Fiber TV before you can use Netflix to watch movies and other content.

The built-in Netflix player includes some content in Super HD. Super HD provides superior picture quality to standard HD with finer, sharper images. Only a select group of networks support it today and Google Fiber is one of them!

How do you know if a movie or TV show is in Super HD? When you browse through Netflix content, you will see this symbol on the content available in Super HD:

If you do not have a Netflix account, you can visit for details on how it works and to sign up for an account, or you can sign up on your TV.

You must have a Netflix account in order to use this app.

You can set up parental controls to restrict the use of Netflix on any TV Box in your home.

To watch content from Netflix after you activate the app:

  1. On the TV Box where you want to watch content from Netflix, press  on the remote control, and then select Apps & More.

    The Apps & More screen appears.

  2. Select Netflix.

    Netflix launches.

  3. Browse through the content, select the item you want to watch, and follow the on-screen prompts.

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